Testimonials, they speak for themselves…

“I went to see Louisa for the average aches and pain that most people suffer from and those were dealt with. I continued to see her, for her ability to help me with a variety of personal issues that could be helped through alternative therapy. Her place of work is calming, soothing and comfortable, her space provides a relaxing atmosphere which was certainly needed for me. Through sessions of massage and working on my needs, we certainly resolved the personal issue I was having and I own a lot to her skills as they certainly did do the trick. Her knowledge on how your body works is incredible and it’s something that you can’t always get. I highly recommend Louisa for anything you feel you need help with that is in her skill set, you won’t be disappointed.“ Harsha Desai

 “2 hours of relaxation bliss. As the website says, “wood-burning stove, warm room and lovely massage”.” Ian, Eastbourne

“The massage was very good and price very reasonable.” Roger, Midhurst

“Thanks so much Lou. Feel sooo much less achey and full of energy!” A reiki client

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