Reflexology plus Thai foot and hand massage

Reflexology (combined with Thai foot and hand massage) is very relaxing and can often send us into a blissful place!

Reflexology works by bringing the body into balance and reducing stress significantly.

ALL the areas of the body have reflex points on the foot. Working on these different points of the body on the foot, I can identify areas of imbalance which may need more pressure and more time spent on them. It may indicate an imbalance in that area of the body – either physical or emotional. I only make suggestions about imbalances if required. Reflexology can be very therapeutic, or just for blissful indulgence!

Reflexology – Why?

Stimulating and releasing points on the foot can bring amazing health enhancements. Some of these have been scientifically proven – it can significantly help to reduce stress, depression and anxiety, assist the digestive and urinary tracts. (The digestive tract can be very adversely affected by stress). It can reduce blood pressure and palpitations. It has also been proven with infertility (unexplained infertility can be due to stress). If a couple are undergoing IVF, reducing stress is also extremely helpful). Reflexology (and many other complementary therapies) have no side effects unlike many conventional treatments and drugs. Reflexology has also been proven to lessen pain. Reflexology has been proven to help different medical conditions, including blood flow to the intestines, kidneys, brain and feet is increased with reflexology.

Some people expect reflexology to be ticklish – because I use a fairly firm pressure, this isn’t the case. I discuss with clients the pressure they desire.

Reflexology works on two levels – relaxing the body and mind plus easing out tensions in our feet.

Whether you are looking for therapeutic benefits or a wonderful relaxation, reflexology is blissfully tranquil.

Regular relaxation is vital for our well-being as stress can build up and become problematic over time.  Find peaceful time for you and you will reap the benefits.


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