Reiki Healing

Spiritual Healing, Angelic Reiki and Usui (Traditional) Reiki

Reiki healing is wonderful and non-invasive.

Auric or subtle energy healing is also included within a Reiki healing treatment session. Reiki healing is very comforting and relaxing to experience and helps us to clear our minds and think clearly. We can also feel much lighter after Reiki because it helps to clear our emotional rubbish!
Reiki has been practiced by Louisa for over 15 years now from her Petworth, West Sussex client room. Reiki healing is useful for animals as well as people. Animals love it! They only need a short Reiki healing treatment time usually, depending on the condition(s) being treated.

Animals can – and do – take on our pain, so Reiki healing is great to treat the owner as well as the animal.

Reiki can also be sent from a distance and is still extremely effective.
When channeling healing, Spirit come very close and bring a wonderful sense of peace and timelessness. This is wonderfully healing for the recipient and feels amazing as the therapist. It can be emotional but this is a good thing as we can then release our pain and grief.

It’s good to remember that when someone (or an animal) has passed over, there is no pain or suffering – they are free. They go on as Spirit and experience a different way of being. Grief is a human experience and some animals grieve too. Grief is not just for people who have died – we grieve for relationships and other situations we have left behind. Reiki is wonderful for grief and can help us to see a new perspective on life and our life situations.

Louisa is a Master Practitioner in Usui and Tibetan Reiki (2005) and an Angelic Reiki Master Practitioner (2011).

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